My stories take place in multiple universes (and one multiverse). Here's a list to help keep them straight. The stories are listed in suggested reading order, in case you like to skip around a bit when you read.

Dandelion Seeds Universe

The “Dandelion Seeds” universe centers around an incident in which two ships, intended to be lifeboats to save the “best and brightest” of humanity from impending disaster, end up launching prematurely, with only the technical crew onboard.

“Dandelion Seeds”, “Children of Earth”, “The Ghosts of PGC357B”, “A Hole in the Sky”, “Batterie de Cuisine”, “Relation Ship”, “Gaia”

Caretaker Universe

The “Caretaker” universe involves an experimental A.I. named Scarecrow, who creates an army of Caretaker robots to take care of the human population. Some people are, predictably, unhappy with the new power structure.

“Flesh and Blood”, “The Long Game”, “Feedback Loop”, “Hack and Slash”, “Kill Switch”

Midpoint Universe

The “Midpoint” universe centers on populations of humans aboard generation ships that were intended to colonize other star systems but instead end up wandering the galaxy, collecting interstellar raw materials, and spawning new ships.

“Midpoint”, “Paths Less Traveled”, “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”, “Heading Home”, “And a Star to Guide Her By”

Afterlife Universe

The “Afterlife” universe (or, more accurately multiverse) consists of a number of interdependent timelines, an artificial afterlife, time-traveling grim reapers, the Temporal Auditing agency, and several powerful individuals with questionable motives.

“Loaner”, “Imaginary”, “Monster”, “Death Takes a Lunch Break”, “Crabtree Confidential”, “First Lines”, “TimeLand”, “Admissions”, “Life’s Work”, “Hat Trick”, “Mind Set”, “Tangled Web”

Zombie/Vampire Universe

The “Zombie/Vampire” universe contains populations of altered humans who are essentially zombies and vampires. For the most part, they just want to be left alone and live their lives in peace.

“Sanguine”, “Dead to Rights”, “Dead Sexy”, “Slasher”

Adrift Universe

The “Adrift” universe revolves around the concept of weak spots between timelines, people who slip laterally through time, and the hyperdimensionality of cats.

“Cat Flap”, “Adrift”, “Edge Condition”

Mage Universe

The mage universe deals with people who, due to a drug taken by their mothers during pregnancy, are prone to have magical powers. Some governments attempt to suppress their abilities, while others see the military potential.

“Magic Markers”, “Hex Code”

Currently Standalone

“Bread and Circuses”, “Bit Parts”, “Temp Work”, “For The Birds”, “Scaled Down”, “In The Red”, “Judgment Day”, “Rock Band”, “Indistinguishable From Magic”, “The Butler Did It”, “Control Issues”, “Bearing Gifts”, “To Be Continued”, “The Gauntlet”, “Book Keepers”, “Invasive Species”, “Contact Paper”, “Character Study”, “Disconnect”, “Drive”, “Star Struck”, “Bugged”, “Smith”, “Digits”, “Stranger”, “Masquerade”, “Cold Comfort”, “Malice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, “Fifty One Percent”