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A quirky, twisty scifi/adventure/romcom set in space.

Canterbury is one of thousands of ships wandering interstellar space. Life on board is quiet, stable, regimented, stagnant.

Siblings Kendal and Rowan are bright, imaginative and adventurous.

Kendal routinely takes “shortcuts” by leaping out of airlocks. Rowan snoops through Canterbury’s restricted Archives, looking for ancient conspiracies.

In short, they’re “troublemakers”.

When one of Rowan’s wild conspiracy theories turns out to be true, the two (naturally) dive head-first into a cascade of events involving a rogue planet, an unexpected visitor, a malevolent A.I., and the very reason behind Canterbury’s existence.

And they have to do all this while dealing with familial obligations, politics, romantic entanglements, not to mention Rowan's coming of age and subsequent gender assignment counseling sessions.

"Rogue" is my first novel and seventh book (the first six were short story collections). It takes place in the same "universe" as "Midpoint" and "Paths Less Traveled", in which thousands of generation ships wander interstellar space, mining rogue asteroids and comets to spawn new ships.

Life on board these ships is strictly controlled by the ship's Charter, a set of rules and regulations intended to maintain societal stability over long periods of time. The Charter is rarely (and grudgingly) amended, usually only in an emergency situation.

According to Canterbury's Charter, people are born gender-neutral in gestation centers. After reaching adulthood, they are allowed to undergo gender assignment treatments to bring their physiology in line with their gender identity.

All of this serves as a backdrop for an adventure involving a rogue planet, an unexpected visitor from outside the ship, and a plot to alter the DNA of Canterbury's citizens.

Siblings Kendal and Rowan attempt to take this on, while dealing with their own personal issues. Kendal is in the midst of starting the latest in a long line of romantic relationships, and trying to determine if maybe this time it's the real deal. Rowan, on the other hand, is stuck attending mandatory (and tedious) gender counseling sessions prior to coming of age.

Unsurprisingly, things get complicated.

I mean, it wouldn't be much of a story if they didn't.

About The Cover

The generation ship Canterbury was created using Blender, and the background was created using GIMP. Those ominous-looking eyes? Those are mine, altered slightly.