Hex Code

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This is my sixth collection of short stories, after "Dandelion Seeds", "First Lines", "Scatter Plot", "Paths Less Traveled", and "Negative Space". Of the stories in this book, "Tangled Web" was probably the most fun to write, but "Edge Condition" would have to be my favorite because, hey, cats and ghosts.

About The Cover

There's a lot going on here. In the far background, there's a long string of DNA (ctga, etc), overlaid with the amino acids they encode to. On top of that are crisscrossed DNA strands, forming a hexagon. Oh, and there's a hidden word, right in the middle of the image.


"Edge Condition" - Jacob’s new house is haunted, but at least the listing price was low.
"Cold Comfort" - Dani talks to angels, or possibly something entirely different.
"Hex Code" - The world was finally free of mages, except for one.
"Hat Trick" - Astrid is caught between two worlds, and can’t locate her sister.
"Malice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore" - It’s impossible for anyone to commit an act of violence. So who killed Reiner Finlay?
"Fifty One Percent" - Humans are humans and robots are robots. More or less.
"Slasher" - Someone or something is terrorizing Stonegate.
"Mind Set" - Kayla had her mind set on changing the world, and wasn’t about to take no for an answer.
"Tangled Web" - Temporal Auditing would like to have a word with Dolores Crabtree, assuming they can figure out where and when to find her.