My stories take place in multiple universes (and one multiverse). Here's a list to help keep them straight. The stories are listed in suggested reading order, in case you like to skip around a bit when you read.

Dandelion Seeds Universe

“Dandelion Seeds”, “Children of Earth”, “The Ghosts of PGC357B”, “A Hole in the Sky”, “Batterie de Cuisine”, “Relation Ship”, “Gaia”

Caretaker Universe

“Flesh and Blood”, “The Long Game”, “Feedback Loop”, “Hack and Slash”, “Kill Switch”

Midpoint Universe

“Midpoint”, “Paths Less Traveled”, “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”, “Heading Home”, “And a Star to Guide Her By”

Afterlife Universe

“Loaner”, “Imaginary”, “Monster”, “Death Takes a Lunch Break”, “Crabtree Confidential”, “First Lines”, “TimeLand”, “Admissions”, “Life’s Work”

Zombie/Vampire Universe

“Sanguine”, “Dead to Rights”, “Dead Sexy”

Currently Standalone

“Bread and Circuses”, “Bit Parts”, “Temp Work”, “For The Birds”, “Scaled Down”, “In The Red”, “Judgment Day”, “Rock Band”, “Indistinguishable From Magic”, “The Butler Did It”, “Control Issues”, “Bearing Gifts”, “To Be Continued”, “The Gauntlet”, “Book Keepers”, “Cat Flap”, “Invasive Species”, “Contact Paper”, “Magic Markers”, “Character Study”, “Adrift”, “Disconnect”, “Drive”, “Star Struck”, “Bugged”, “Smith”, “Digits”, “Stranger”, “Masquerade”