Scatter Plot
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Yet another short story collection! This is book #3, following "Dandelion Seeds" and "First Lines". Probably best to read them in order. This book contains a couple stories with a darker mood ("Magic Markers" and "Invasive Species"). Kind of a toss-up on my favorite story, here. I really like the world of "Book Keepers" but "Cat Flap" is just such a bizarre and silly story, it's hard not to like it.

About The Cover

It's literally just a Hertzsprung–Russell diagram (a scatter plot of stars' luminosities vs temperatures) generated from a spreadsheet, with an image of a star as each data point.


"A Hole in the Sky" - Things are looking up... with telescopes.
"Book Keepers" - Librarians rule! No, seriously, they rule.
"Batterie de Cuisine" - Aliens would like to have humans for dinner.
"Cat Flap" - The problems involved in living with a hyperdimensional cat.
"Invasive Species" - Alien brain parasites have invaded. No one's above suspicion.
"Feedback Loop" - The robots killed us all off, then felt a bit bad about it.
"Contact Paper" - Flying saucer? How cliche!
"Magic Markers" - You can do magic? Expect a visit from the Feds.
"Relation Ship" - A mining operation quickly turns into something else entirely.
"Character Study" - Are we living in a simulation? Flip a coin.