First Lines
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This is a followup to "Dandelion Seeds". After finishing the first book, I found I had a lot more ideas for stories kicking around in my head. I think "First Lines" came out a lot more polished than "Dandelion Seeds". There are fewer stories, but each one is a bit more fleshed-out.

I'm particularly fond of "The Gauntlet". At some point, I'd like to see that turned into a graphic novel, or even an animated video.

About The Cover

I wanted something that represented a tangle of alternate timelines, so I generated a bunch of strange attractor patterns, then stuck a starscape with Earth in the center, jutting out as if you're looking down the end of a tube.


"Crabtree Confidential" - Your typical noir whodunnit set in an artificial reality
"Control Issues" - Universal remotes ain't what they used to be
"Dead To Rights" - The zombies are back, and they brought their lawyers
"Bearing Gifts" - Someone or something has given humanity everything they could want... almost
"First Lines" - Temporal Auditing's on the trail of a multi-timeline serial killer
"TimeLand" - Kill Hitler, get a t-shirt in the gift shop on the way out
"To Be Continued" - Barry Lawrence has a habit of completely failing to die
"Children of Earth" - A Curator Ship finds an artifact floating in deep space
"The Long Game" - Clara has always had a robot to take care of everything
"Ghosts of PGC357B" - When you’re on a rock in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you expect to run into is ghosts
"The Gauntlet" - Jayita is a technician on a giant robot lunar sports team